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Bliss Lifestyle Therapies LLC is a premier wellness center that was developed after over 20 years of working between doctors’ offices and fitness facilities.



Clients commonly come in for weight loss or fatigue surprised to discover underling blood sugar handling issues from insulin resistance to pre-diabetes and even type II diabetes. Research shows that the lifestyle factors Nutrition, Exercise, and Stress Reduction affect a person’s health most profoundly, and can reverse or prevent lifestyle related diseases like type II diabetes.


The fact that so many people have no idea they have blood sugar handling issues, and those that do know often have no idea that blood sugar handling problems can be reversed, made it clear that there is a strong need to bridge the disconnect between medicine, and lifestyle. Dynamic lifestyle therapy programs have since been created that meet the needs of both doctors and patients to get results like never before.


People have the opportunity to experience a quality of life that they haven’t had in years, or maybe ever. As they get healthy and feel better, we watch their smiles grow, and so do ours.


Lifestyle Therapy Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Brainspotting, Sydney Brahm
Sydney Brahm, Founder and CEO
Kinesiology | Nutrition | Biology | BSP | Public Health
Lifestyle Therapy Practitioner

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